Water Hose

LT905 high pressure suction hose

Application: Heavy duty drains for demanding and high pressure working environmentsCover: Black SBR rubber, wear resistant, oxidation resistant

LT904 150PSI SBR rubber suction hose

Application: suction hose for construction and irrigationCover: Black SBR rubber, wear resistant, oxidation resistant

LT903 150PSI EPDM rubber squeezable suction hose

Application: High pressure, 150PSI flat suction hose for general use in industrial construction and irrigationCover: Black EPDM rubber, wear-resistant, oxidation-resistant;

LT902 SBR rubber suction hose

Application : Application of water absorption and drainage in drainage irrigation and construction Cover: Black SBR rubber, wear-resistant and oxidation-resistant

LT901 150PSI EPDM rubber water suction hose

Application: Suction and discharge of non-corrosive liquids in drainage irrigation, construction, fertilizer and lasso acid solutionsCover: Black EPDM rubber, wear resistant, oxidation resistant;